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Published: 17th January 2011
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An iconic master of Women’s wear, a man whose acumen and eye, not to mention rapier "Runway" wit, are legendary, Michael Kors began his ascent in the fashion world while still a teenager. A mere three years later, after graduating at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, Michael wooed and won the fickle eye of the media via an opportunity at Lothar’s of New York.

With the positive view of the press in his pocket, Michael proceeded to get his line of women’s wear well underway. From that point on the Michael Kors name and brand has been synonymous with shopping’s most elite institutions. Impeccably made American sportswear, designed to carry the jet setter from party to yacht-side as easily as it takes the business woman out to lunch, such are the clothes associated with both the Michael Kors brand and the institutions that carry it.

A shopper who examines a Michael Kors accessory, such as a Michael Kors watch, expects an indisputably attractive item, whether designed for sport or fashion. Practicality is a given. Michael Kors watches can be expected to adapt to a number of situations and environments, as can Michael Kors boots and shoes.

What the shopper in question might not expect is the sly flavoring of wit, the confident flair of a woman who knows how to wink at the "rules" without overstepping the bonds of good taste, played out in a steely lady’s chronograph in rosy gold. The strong architectural appeal of bold black squares allied with a feminine design marks another Michael Kors watch design. Michael Kors’ Women's Carlie Faux Fur Boot marries cold weather industry with stylish sensibility. Such marriages, brought about with accents that wink and entrance, without overwhelming the classic stamp of the brand, are clearly the norm in Michael Kors line of fashion accessories.

Shoppers who opt to purchase a piece from Michael Kors accessory line, whether they choose to investigate Michael Kors bags or Michael Kors shoes, even if they happen to be looking through the items at a Michael Kors sale, can expect the same practicality and common-sense wear-ability aligned with affordable luxury that allows knowing shoppers to speak of Michael Kors and Saks Fifth Avenue in the same breathe.

Like the institutions that carry them, like the man himself, Michael Kors fashions have grace, wit and unquestionable class and flair.

Mark Anderson writes on michael kors handbags .

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